Stupid question but do we need the lab component for Biochem in addition to the lecture portion??

In the MSAR for 2013 all the schools that I have looked at just say “recommended” and THAT is only for 3 credits. There is nothing anywhere that states that a lab component is required as well.

Can someone help me out?

No lab that I’m aware of (and I’m applying this year with two interviews so far). Not a stupid question, though.

As long as you’ve checked the MSAR for the schools you’re interested in and you meet their requirements, you’ll be fine.

Just a quick note regarding the class itself - I did take the biochem lecture portion this past spring (my school didn’t even offer the lab). It’s pretty hefty course in terms of time involved studying, especially with metabolism. So just be prepared!

Would you say that it was more difficult and time consuming then Ochem II (in your opinion)???

I took Biochem. My school didn’t have a lab with it either. I would say it was more time consuming than O chem II. It was worth it. Do take it even though it’s not required if you can.

I found it roughly equal to ochem II, but not as hard to wrap my head around as physics…YMMV.

I’m glad I took the course - I found it interesting and a good refresher for some of the bio stuff on the MCAT (my bio’s OLD).