Biology Section ?

I have read what I can find about the MCAT but I am wondering if someone out there with more knowledge about it could comment on my question:

At my University there are only a few first year Biology options

  1. Zoology - 1st term

  2. Cellular and Molecular Biology - 2nd term


  3. Biology - Human Anatomy and Physiology - 1st term

  4. Biology - Human Anatomy part 2 - 2nd term

    At this point I am enrolled in the Human Anatomy course for the first term, and would LIKE to take Human Anatomy part 2 in the second term, but is that wise? Would I be missing fundamental information for the MCAT if I skip the Cellular and Molecular Biology course?

    I’m confused, and the advisors at my school do not know jack about the MCAT unfortunately.

    I assume that we cover the basics of cellular respiration etc in the human anatomy course but I thought I would ask you guys.

You absolutely need cell and molecular biology for the MCAT (and med school). The pre-med advisors SHOULD know which courses are best preparation for the MCAT. If not, they should at least know which series is recommended for pre-meds.

In Year 2 I will be taking:

BIOL 200 (3) Introduction to Cell Biology

Introduction to fundamental principles governing cell structure and function. Topics: cytological techniques, cell membrane, cell-cell interactions, extra-cellular matrix, cell organelles, cytoskeleton, cell movement, and signal transduction.


BIOL 201 (3) Principles of Biochemistry

An introduction to the principles of Biochemistry. Topics include properties of biomolecules, basic enzymology, metabolism, bioenergetics, nucleic acid and protein structure and synthesis, biochemical signalling, and an introduction to immunochemistry

I was hoping that would cover me off so I could take the first year anatomy and physiology courses (nope, I can’t do both - it would leave me no room finish my major in BioPsych)

Thanks for the input.

If you finish Bio 200 and 201 before taking the MCAT (and the other prereqs for medical school!) then you should be fine with those courses. If you had held a gun to my head, I would have chosen the Zoo/Cell&Molec route, but A&P should be very helpful as well, since the MCAT does love cardio, lungs, and digestion & excretion.

From my experience, physiology and cell bio were great for MCAT Bio while anatomy was not needed.