Boards prep advice

Perhaps this has been addressed before - MS2s and up, have you used Gold Standard, Kaplan, Princeton etc. to prep for the boards?
What did you like/dislike about them? I am especially interested in Gold Standard because it reminds me of the Examkrackers CDs I prepared for the MCAT with.

Most people I know are using at least QBank. There is another thread somewhere in the med students forum about QBank and other advice can be found there. I can’t say yet how useful it is because I haven’t taken the boards yet, but I will say that I definitely do learn from doing it.

Here’s the other thread.

I’ve been using Gold Standard a little bit. They are Ok for review…but for me not as helpful as a good question bank like QBank. And way too expensive ($350 or so) for what you get. Our library has them on reserve so I just used their occasionally.