Boggled Mind

My mind is boggled. On one hand I have the task of mass amounts of information needing to be processed & mastered for exams (school). On the other I have the weight of the medical school requirements—why is this something following me around like a shadow?

If only I could not think about the latter and focus on the school I could be more productive.

I keep reminding myself that med school will not be any different and actually even harder with hovering exams and the most important exams of my life as it concerns residency applications…at the same time, that reminder in itself is counter productive. Any ideas on getting it out of my system and moving on to A status??

Rule 1: Take a breath. I mean that literally, 5, 10, 20 times a day, In this marathon process you will need to that all the time or you will get boggled into mush. You have focus on what is front of you, what is now, While planning for the future classed is good, worrying about them makes a mountain in front of you and the just the small section that needs your time, energy and resources now, It prioritization, and dealing with what you need in the time that you need it.

This is how I cope with all that there is to do, and the anxiety that accompanies that. I’m a list-maker. When I think about things that need done (now or in the future), I type them into a list. I use the Evernote app to do this on my laptop or iPhone, but plain ol’ paper and pencil will do too. I keep lists for all sorts of things – from what to buy at the grocery store to what questions I need to ask at my med school’s second look weekend in April. For me, writing things down takes the worry away because I know I won’t forget X thing that’s freaking me out. It’s out of my head and on paper (or screen).

Everyone is different in how they handle this kind of thing. Personally, if I didn’t constantly have the “endgame” in mind my grades during my undergrad would have been considerably less impressive. If it stresses you out, then find a way to compartmentalize; or if you can, do what I do and make it part of your motivation to succeed.