Bonjour! My sob story thus far

Hello, I’m the new kid on the block. Two months short of turning 26, so I’m not exactly “old” as far as things go. Still, I’m decently old enough to consider myself non-traditional. I’m no stranger to forums, so forgive me in advance for asking questions that are already answered. Anyway, my claim to shame.

End goal: DO/MPH/(MURP)

Current: BA psych, 3.3 GPA in major. GRE 2011 (old form) scores in the ~60th percentile for all sections. Graduated in 2011, but I’ve continued taking various classes that are ultimately personal enrichment. Alas, while I have indeed learned in them, they’ve resulted in my having mediocre math/science grades at best and a mystery total GPA due to it being spread over 5 different schools and both the quarter and semester systems. Needless to say, I’ve not calculated what it really is, but I know it’s optimistically in the 2.5 range. I’m currently taking Bio I and Chem II at a local CC (in CA, FWIW), but leaning toward considering these just a practice run too. That being said and assuming I have to repeat this semester’s classes, I’m still just missing the Chem II/OChem and Bio from the minimum requirements list.

Now, on to my dilemma. I received word that med schools don’t like CC classes*, which is where about 1/3 of the prereqs have been taken. I’ve been looking into PBPM programs to up my GPA a bit, but most say they are generally not interested in someone who’s already taken the classes, especially with lackluster grades like mine.

So with all that in mind, maybe some of you who maybe have similar experiences could weigh in on the options I’ve presented myself with:

    1) Finish up classes at CC over SP/SU/FA 2014, then take MCAT in SP15.

    2) Ditto, but with the classes at the university instead. Per my discussion below, I have a hard time justifying the cost difference.

    3) Hybrid of the above two. Finish up the lower divs at the CC then take some uppers at the university to boost GPA. MCAT still in SP15.

    4) Find a PBPM program (any good leads welcome) that will accept and let me retake everything with a goal of knocking it out in a year (SU)/FA/SP/(SU) 2014-15. Then take MCAT sometime in SP15.

    5) Do an MPH first to show that I can hang with graduate work/boost GPA. (Re)take a prereq class or two over the same time then apply to PBPMP to finish up rest.

    6) Forget medicine altogether, take the respective single-subject CSETs, and get teaching credentials.

Once again, sorry for beating what must certainly be a long-dead horse. Advice on above strategies (or a suggestion that I may have missed) is welcome. All options would include my setting time aside to also shadow/volunteer. I've recently quit one of my jobs so that I can focus on school. Thanks again.

*An aside that probably isn't necessary, but I've found that at least around here, CC classes are actually taught more rigorously than the comparable class at the local state university. My current chem class, lab AND lecture, is 1/3 size of my chem lab alone at the university. Also, a good portion of the teachers are literally the same because they adjunct at both and have had class from them at both.

I found this video on youtube by NonTradDoc very helpful. He talks about getting an MPH to “boost” your GPA etc. Check it out.

Thanks! He does sound somewhat similar to my situation. I guess I’m mostly just not interested in spinning anymore wheels and some motivation that it isn’t all in vain.

If you’re interested in figuring your GPA out, check the link below. lculato…

I recommend doing some research into the schools you’re interested in attending. My decision on where to apply basically started with “where does my MCAT fit” followed quickly by “who will accept my strange academic record”. Sure, lots of schools don’t like CC credits, but some will take them. Some don’t like online credits, but some will take them. To me, it seems like the more research-based schools are more anal about where prerequisites are taken. I think AACOMAS will let you replace grades if you retake a class.

Once you can look past the individual requirements of the application, you’ll be able to see that schools are more interested in the big picture of who you are and what you’re capable of. I took Ochem I/II and Biochem thru Univ New England COM online and Bio II thru a local state university online. It did limit where I could apply, but I found plenty of other schools willing to give me a look. I would personally try to avoid the CC credits because they shrink your options (but there are still options). Broaden your experiences, crush the MCAT, and try not to think yourself out of your dream.

FYI, a DO Admissions Director said that completing biochem online while working full time was good enough for her to count as recency and ability in an upper level hard science. Not sure if a full graduate program would be worth it unless you legitimately want to study it.