Book recommendations to prep for pre-req classes

I’m starting to take pre-req’s in september (physics and chemistry). It has been a few years since I’ve been in school and was wondering if anyone can recommend any good basic intro books for these classes. I think it will be helpful to familiarize myself with these topics before starting class. I was thinking about buying Chemistry and Physics for Dummies or even reading my old high school text books. Does this make sense to do? Any thoughts, suggestions???

Algebra. See if you can take a math placement test at your school over the summer and find out what math skills you need to brush up on. For chemistry, you need algebra and some basic understanding of logs. For physics, you’ll want a good solid grasp of trigonometry, as well. If the underlying math skills are there, you read each chapter before the lecture, and you beat the homework to death (doing problems multiple times is helpful), you’ll probably do just great!

Sorry I didn’t see this message until just now. I guess you are still gearing up for September? I recommend Zumdahl’s “Chemistry”… I really like the writing style and use of diagrams in this text. Also good callout boxes with problem solving summaries, etc. I’ve got an old 5th edition… but am sure there is something more recent. Try to check a copy out from the university library so you won’t have to buy it. Also, in general, I suggest that you have a couple of different text books for your courses. This has saved my life in Chemistry! With two textbooks, if you don’t understand something you are reading in the text assigned by your prof, you can refer to another source immediately. It often turns out to be that the concept is fairly easy to understand, but was just stated in a way that didn’t “click” with you in one particular text. Going to a second source often remedies this problem. If you haven’t had any chem at all since high school (which is as good as never having had it in my own experience!), I’d also recommend The Practice of Chemistry by Wink, Fetzer-Gislason and McNichols. These guys are profs at my university and are very pedagogically savvy. A great review/introduction for the rusty among us. Best of luck in the Fall!
RMG, Dr. 2B

The study cards are great. They are the laminated studdy sheets they sell at the book stores. They have everything you would need to know without hacving to flip back and forth.