Bookmarks Updated (Links)

I added a bunch of new links to the links section specifically FOR us MS-1’s and a little 2 stuff in there as well.
Just thought you should know.

Where is this links section? I can’t find it (but then I am a bit overwhlemed too right now )
There ought to be a section where you can dump your blues and pick up some good karma…I am just barely passing morph right now and Friday is THE definitive exam that can push me one way or the other…I am SO depressed right now because just as I am realizing how to put it all together it is the end of the course!! AAAAAGH!!
But I better go study now because, as my doctor uncle has pointed out, the most important organ of any med student…is the butt. the links on the left hand side of the page.

When I follow this link it says ‘bad gateway’ and I can’t find anything about links on the entrance page to the website. Any other clues?

Hi there,
Go to the Mainpage and click on Member Links. You should find what you are looking for there.