Books and videos for Pre-Meds

Yes, I read this last year while in Anatomy (an undergrad Anatomy course, but we were fortunate to do cadaver dissection). I really enjoyed it and would recommend it. Dr. Montross was a non-trad though not totally non-trad IMO because though she was older than other students and had worked in another career (teaching) before med school, she was still in her 20s w/o children so not non-trad enough for me (lol.)but I won’t hold it against her! ;). I did really like the book. Having had the very rare opportunity to do cadaver dissection in my undergrad anatomy class I was transfixed by this book. My anatomy class( a req for nursing students) really made me see that medicine is where I want to be, not nursing. This book is a wonderful journey of a medical student in GA and the history of cadaver dissection.

Intern Blues is another one not recommended for anyone until after they’ve been through it. I have a copy I’ve started to read. It’s a diary form and non-fiction. I like it thus far, but have so many other books on cue that I’m going to put it back on hold for awhile.

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I have another video to add to the list:

Gross Anatomy - starring Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuniga, and Christine Lahti

This video is an interesting story about a regular “Joe” who gets admitted into medical school, but has someone of a cocky attitude. The students are followed through their first year of Gross Anatomy class as well as the other first year courses of medical school. It was kinda cheesy, but a good watch nonetheless.

THAT’S the movie! I was trying to remember what it was called. All I could remember was the scene where Daphne Zuniga was sitting at a table studying and some frat guys walked by, smelled the formaldehyde and snarkily said “med student”. Been bothering me for a couple weeks!

Today, I bought this Christine Montross (Body of Work) book that I mentioned earlier, and I was hooked from page 1… literally, I had to sit down in the book store and start reading it. I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s just really, really well written. I can’t wait to get home and read more…

Yep! It’s a great book. A really engaging read. Dr. Montross was an English major before deciding to go back to school to get med school prereqs and then onto med school.

Baghdad ER (HBO documentary)

Thank you everyone for this great list!!

Yeah that scene was funny! FYI, the movie says it was set on the east, but on close inspection it is the Keck SOM at USC (I always have to represent my Los Angeles when I can)!

Yet another book to add to this list:

MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) book.

If you are just starting your process for pre-reqs, the book provides applicants with a realistic idea of medical school reqs (ie. median overall and science GPA, MCAT scores, school specific required courses, etc.)