Boston area volunteer work - "insider" deal?

Hi! I am looking to volunteer at a hospital or at any other setting where I will gain clinical exposure. Because I work full-time, my availability is restricted to weeknights (after 6pm) and weekends.

I am wondering if anyone in OPM-land has any suggestions regarding local opportunities. Also, those of you who have volunteered in the ERs of your local hospitals, what types of activities did you participate in? I’ve been pursuing three different nearby hospitals for volunteer positions, so I’m sure that something or another will turn up… But, just wanted to see if any of you have recommendations, personal favorites, and the like. Feel free to send me a private message if you wish.


This may or may not be of interest to you…but I got quite a bit of clinical exposure at McLean Hospital, psychiatric teaching hospital for Harvard.
I was able to get clinical and research at the same time. This was in 1992-1994. Things could have changed but may be worth checking out.

I just had a rather negative experience at a Boston-area hospital. PM me if you want details.

I volunteer at Beth Israel. There volunteer coordinating office is pretty good. I know they have a few flexible opportunities. I’ve pasted the link below. Don’t be scared off by there requirements. I only give them 3 hours a week. Each volunteer has there own reason for being there so it’s not as rigid as the site might make it seem. Good Luck. PM me if you have any questions.
BIDMC Volunteer Information

Thank you for alerting me to the BIDMC website for volunteer opportunities. I looked through it, and it is very extensive and impressive! Unfortunately, because I have a limited number of hours I can volunteer during the weekday, I have to select a hospital that is closer to my work - somewhere west (near Cambridge/Newton/etc…). I’ve been able to narrow down my search and now am looking at Mt.Auburn or Newton-Wellesley.
Thank you, once again, for your response!