Breaking Up a Prerequisite Sequence (please help!)

Hello! I am a student at a private four year college and finished my first year in 2020. I decided to take my “sophomore” year as a gap year to gain clinical experience. So now, I am working full time as an MA and taking physics 1 at a state university near me.

Here’s my issue: I took orgo 1 my freshman fall, but didn’t take it my freshman spring due to scheduling conflicts. Now, I need to take orgo 2 this summer to finish up the sequence, but the course is insanely expensive at my home university ($4000+). Would it be bad to take orgo 2 at my state university instead alongside physics 2? This would save me thousands of dollars. My premed advisor recommended taking it at my home university, but that it’s ultimately my choice.

For context: I did well in orgo 1 and generally well my freshman fall at my home institution, and I’m not doing this to take the “easier way out.” I also took a couple community college science courses last summer because I thought I wanted to go to PA school (microbiology, anatomy, genetics), but I plan on supplementing this with upper divs at my home school when I get back.