Hey all,

I have a question about getting Bs. I’m underway with the 2nd semester of my post bacc. Last semester I received A+ in Precalc, and B+ in Bio. Now taking a heftier courseload, with 2nd semester of Bio, 1st semester of Gen Chem and Statistics. (also work 25hrs/week, volunteer in ER 4 hrs/week).

I feel like I will be able to get an A- in Bio this semester as I’m off to a much stronger start than last semester, and started private tutoring. However, I was disappointed to find that I got a B+ on my first chem midterm, despite the fact that the exam should have been an easy A material-wise. It was my 3rd midterm in 3 days, however, so I just didn’t have time to study like I wanted to. Anyhow, maybe I am projecting pessimistically into the future, but I am wondering if it will look really badly if I end up with multiple B+'s on my transcript?

I think at this point I am just trying to balance too much. I pulled my neck really badly at the start of the week of 3 midterms, and spent 2 days immobilized in bed. Pretty sure that arose purely out of stress/exhaustion. I thought I would continue working until the fall, but I think I will just take out another loan and quit within the next 4-6 weeks. I don’t know how some of you guys do it, balancing all of this on top of family, full time jobs, etc!

Thanks all,



I can tell you that there are students in my medical school with B’s, especially B+. Of course you would prefer to not have these in your basic science courses but the fact remains you can still get in. More importantly, may i suggest that you put the test and bio grade behind you and focus on what you can control, your next exam grade! Worrying about your past grades will only steal from much needed study time, focus, and positive energy that is needed to ace your next exams. This is a long journey, one filled with highs and lows. Use the lows to learn from and motivate you to highs and you will not only get in to medical school, but you will be better equipped to handle the next low and ultimately succeed as a physician. Best of Luck. Cheers.

Thanks for the encouraging words, happy to report that I succeeding in securing a 4.0 for this semester. Now back to the grind of summer classes!

Congrats Lucy!