Burnt Out CNA to Research Assistant?

Hey everyone!

So I have been a CNA since 2013, worked plenty of overtime, and probably have 8000 ish hours of experience doing this job. I am burnt out. With my current stats (2.83 overall and 2.7 BCPM GPAs) I still have a couple years worth of coursework to bring my stats above 3.0 (and closer to 3.5s as long as I maintain 4.0s) and to complete a MS in Biomedical Sciences. I really want to move into a research position for the next couple of years at the university I am attending because I think I can make much more significant contributions as a research assistant than a CNA at this point in time and having weekends to study would be amazing. (Right now to keep my health insurance I work Saturday, Sunday, and a night shift during the week so I can go to classes M-F).

Would it look bad to admissions committees if I shift from a primarily clinical job to a research role for the next couple of years? I don’t want to hinder my chances of an acceptance because I didn’t just stick it out for the next two years at the hospital where I currently work. I know in the long run I want to return to this hospital as a physician and continue to serve this wonderful community.