Calculating Math/Science GPA

I am currently applying for summer research position and one of my applications asks for a math/science GPA. I am not sure whether to include certain sciences from undergrad and how to calculate it.

The classes I’m unsure of are the following:

Women, Health and Reproduction

Contemporary Concepts (this was physics for English majors)

What do you guys think?


I do not know about the other one but “Contemporary Concepts” may or may not be acceptable, it depends on the standards they already have in place.

You know what?

If you don’t have any other courses to show up for Math/Science go ahead and use it.

Is it there a place in your application where you can make a narrative on your background? There would be a great place to address that issue.

Best of lucks!

You could also decide based on the extension for the class. Was it a PHYS or BIO or something else. It’s fair game if the extention on the course number showed a science department, I think.


Pretty much depends on the course prefix and which department “owned” the course.

As mentioned above, it it was PHYS or BIOL it would be under sGPA. If not, then likely no.