Calculus 1

Dear ones, I just wanted to share with you that I scored 100% on my first exam!! I guees I will start to enjoy it…

Me, congrats on your score! I for one hate math, which has suprised a few teachers that I have had. Having to take Calc is another thing that scared me from begining med school in the begining. I guess I never got over the part in Algebra where the answer may or may not be the answer to the problem. It also seemed too, arbitrary, to me. I have to take Calc for the classes I have now, so I’m Trying to do allot of review and sample work just to get up to speed before I have to take the class.

I’m so sorry that you had such a bad experience. And you’re absolutely right about the quality of instructor. My experience with my fellow math teachers is that most math teachers are natural mathematicians and approach it from their very left-brained perspective. Those that struggled (myself included) are rather right-brained. These left-brained teachers have no way of putting the info into right-brained terms and so rather than trying to bridge that gap, just pull the “math power-trip” of blaming the victim. No wonder I’ve had to deal with students with phobias and self-esteem issues around math. Half my job was really being a therapist and coach than a mathematician. I got lucky and ran into a crowd of fantastic math teachers at a local community college who inspired me to become a math teacher after the money ran out on my first attempt at a medical degree. It’s truly amazing what the right math teacher can do for a person. Good luck and DON’T GIVE UP!!