Calculus and beyond

This question may seem to have an obvious answer but it just isn’t clear to me.

Does everyone applying to DO programs have to have taken Calculus? Wondering here if anyone here as skipped Calculus altogether.


Calculus is usually needed for physics

One factor depends on if your physics courses are calculus based or algebra based. Ultimately, it depends on the schools you intend on applying to, look at each schools individual prereqs. For example, none of the schools I am applying to (both DO and MD) require calculus. I took algebra based physics. The only difference between calc physics and algebra physics is the way you solve the problems. Calc physics may help you solve the problems faster which means it may save you a little time on answering those questions.

When in doubt, check the school’s web site for their prereqs. I’d say the DO schools I looked at did NOT require Calculus (which I did, however have in the remote past (1976). I took non-calc physics!