calculus = yuck!

I was looking at the DO schools and what classes are required for entry. It didn’t specify calculus as a requirement. However, I notice that alot of physics classes have calculus as a prereq. I am dreading calculus. Looking forward to physics and organic, but definitely not calculus. Has anyone managed to escape calculus? and get admitted to med school (DO)?

The MCAT tests you on trig-based Physics, so you don’t have to take calculus. However, a few medical schools (not sure about osteopathic) require calc anyway. Check the websites of the schools you’re interested in, to be on the safe side.

Good luck,

Medical schools do not require calc based physics. Usually, the pre-med physics at most school only have algebra/trig as a pre-req. There are a few medical schools that require calculus - not sure how many.

Honestly, I kind of liked calculus, even though I pretty much had to teach myself. It was better than trig.