Campus Open Houses/Tours

At the conference the idea of going to a school for a visit during summer was recommended by an admissions rep.

I’m considering two schools (one near, one a bit far) that have open houses coming up the end of this month and in mid-July. The costs are a bit high ($300 and $500 respectively, for hotel and flights) and I’m just not sure whether it’s worth it.

So I’m wondering if any OPM’ers have gone to either an Open House event or scheduled their own visit, and whether or not you got anything out of the experience. Is an open house or self-scheduled visit “better”? Is it even worth going?

It is a good way to make a first impression, really look at the facilities before you spend the money applying, talk to the current students and ask them questions. Look at the area and see if this is an area you and your husband can stand living in for at least 4 years.

I both did a “schedule it yourself” visit AND the open house at the school I ended up picking. But, it was only driving for the day (low cost). I feel I got much of the same sorts of opportunities to size up the campus, facilities, school, etc by going to interviews. So, if you are going to apply to these schools anyway, you could wait and hope to interview. If you are trying to thin your list of schools to apply to (or add to it), it might be worthwhile.


Gabe & Kate - Thanks for the feedback.