Can I get into Post Bac with 2.7 GPA?

I was researching post bac programs and majority of the programs I found require a 3.0 GPA. Unfortunately, I graduated with a 2.7 GPA (B.A. in Public Relations). Should I still apply? Is it possible to get accepted into post-bac programs with a low GPA?

I’d assume yes.

Also as a graduate from a great post bacc program, there is no point to formally enroll in a post bacc program. You will get 100% of the same education taking the classes as a student at large, which is open admissions with a degree. In my post bacc program we generally had class in 250 person lecture halls with 60 people present. You won’t miss out on getting into classes you need.

My post bacc program has the 3.0 cutoff but I happen to know a student who was admitted with a lower GPA. I believe they just called the admissions office set up a meeting and explained their personal situation and addressed any concerns. I also know that said student is doing just fine in classes.

Hopefully your post bacc program will have some wiggle room as well : )

Best wishes!!

call the school and ask because no one here can provide a definitive answer…

I would also add it may be beneficial to take or retake some classes on your own first. After all, after a post-bacc your new overall GPA may not be improved enough to make a difference to adcoms.

thanks for the help guys. i’m not sure if a post bac is really the way to go since i could probably enroll into any college/university to take my required courses.