Can I really make it

Since I was 22 yrs old I’ve wanted to become a ER physician. Yet the fear of failure has delayed the process of reaching my goals. I always seem to get jobs in the medical field just to feel semi-complete, but find myself depressed when I’m unable to help diagnose and treat a patient. I’ve worked as an EMT, an emergency room technician, etc. I’m even enrolled in a Nuclear Medicine Technologist program. I decided to undergo that program for financial stability when I know I’m just delaying the process in becoming a doctor. I’m now 29 going on 30. I have no degree but lots of experience. I have over 45 college credits. I’m contemplating withdrawing from the Nuclear Med Program which I have another 2 years remaining and utilize that time taking the courses necessary for medical school. What should I do?

I can’t advise you directly, but I’d definitely like to welcome you to OPM. I’m sure you’ll find some perspective here that helps you make your decisions.

How far along through the NMT program are you?

I’m also 29 going on 30 and I’ve been a full-time EMT for the past 5 years in a municipal 911 system. I’m looking at starting school in the spring. We should talk sometime.

My AIM is MacMD1334

Welcome SInce I’m a guy I like to start with the “Facts”

Current GPA

You have lots of credits to still get a BS degree is 120 to 140 credits so you have just over a year worth so far.

If you truly want to be a Doc then it may be the right thing to do. But only you can choose this. Only you know if you can succeed. You are among many here who have done this.

I would write down a plan and then keep researching and asking questions

You need to be prepared to make this the goal, in school as many A’s as possible and the highest GPA as possible.

It can be done and you hold the key no one else, no adviser no poster, no family member, YOU

This is a “Marathon” (OMD has said this many times here) not a Sprint. It will take years.

My NMT completion date is 03/2010. My current GPA is 3.3 When it comes to courses not related to medicine I tend to slack because of lack of interest. But I’ve got A’s in both Chemisty and Physics courses.

After reading other post I’ve come to the conclusion that I hold the key to my success. I will follow my dream!!! Thank you so much for your replies. This is an amazing website and I’m so glad I found it. I will keep you posted on my journey towards becoming a DOCTOR!!! YES I’M GOING FOR IT!!!

My husband has been telling me, “For you, deciding to go to medical school will be harder than succeeding in medical school!” And now that I’ve decidedI think he is right… For some of us, it’s a matter of confidence, not a matter of intelligence or drive. If you are called to this, if you genuinely want to serve (reflected in your past career choices), then go for it!

Rule 1: “take a breath”

that will help through out this long journey.

To start any project, you gotta plan it. Isolate tasks, set priorities, understand scheduling, review a budget, establish goals, and most important is to develop a personal process to apply to each step, whether a single exam problem in organic, to the overall school work, to the application hurdles, and put go to work.