Can I still retake the MCAT?


I took my MCAT a few weeks ago and scored 510. I want to retake the test because I’m an international student (International student mcat average is about 515+). Currently, I already submitted my primary and most of my secondaries. I held on to some secondaries for schools with a much higher median MCAT score.

Do you think it’s possible to take another test when I indicated no future test date in my primary app? I did that to make sure schools do not delay reviewing my app. I thought my score is okay for some schools, so I do not want to delay my app for those. Meanwhile, I want to submit a better score for other schools that I haven’t completed secondaries for.

So, in summary,

  1. how will the schools with complete applications view my new score? Will they not care at all or view it negatively? Can I send them an update with a new score even after they reviewed my application?
  2. For those schools I’m waiting to send secondaries, would it be better if I submit them now?

Sorry if I sound very neurotic. I’m also not intending to bend the rule…

Thank you for reading my post!