Can someone offer me some advice?

Here is a little academic background on myself and I am looking for input…good or bad I don’t care, I can take critisism.
I first started college when I was 17 and walked away with a 1.12GPA (dind’t withdraw, I just stopped going). I am now 30 years old and my current GPA is 3.2 and that is from making a lot of A’s and B’s, I only got a C in Gen Chem 1 last semester (it was a hard class and I underestimated how much studying I needed to do; oh well you live and you learn).
I am taking the next 3 years to finish my degree and am also taking classes just for fun that interest me (like this summer for instant Women’s History). I will be taking the MCAT and applying in 2 years.
I ovioulsy have a large upward trend in grades and I plan to apply with a 3.5 GPA. I am taking the next 2/3 years to finish because my children are very young and I am in no super rush.
I also will be starting volunteering in the hospital for 4 hrs a week. Basically between my kids (I also homeschool my oldest full time) and my school/studying and husband that is all I have time for, but I think doing that for 2-3 years should be decent??
Other than that, I am nothing spectacular…no research experience, etc. I will have some shadowing experience later on with my child’s Ped who is very supportive of me going to med school (she didn’t start until she was 37 and a mother of 4…she is fantastic!).
I should have a really good personal statement/essay. I have lived overseas some and seen a lot of poverty and have traveled just everywhere and met and interacted with a lot of different cultures and people which I think is a plus.
Ok, what do you see that is missing or not impressive? Anything that I should work on that you can see? Any advice is welcome

You look fine, the only thing from now on get mostly A’s and that should do it. Not that you need ALL A’s but the more the better. Good luck!

Hi there,
Make sure that you keep the GPA up and do well on the MCAT. When application time comes, write that good personal statement and get some solid letters of recommendation in support of your medical school admission.
Don’t worry about trying to be spectacular but rather sell what you have (which will be fine). You are mature and you don’t have to have research to make your application competitive. You seem to have good experiences so crystallize them in your personal statement. Avoid any references to you previous grades. Any admissions person can note the upward trend in your academic performace. Rock on the MCAT and you should be fine.
Good luck!

Hi mamaMD,
Sounds like you are well on your way. Grades and MCAT are key, and the adcoms shouldn’t hold those really old grades against you. You’re doing an awesome job now, and that’s the most that anyone could ask.
Clinical experience is very important - it is expected that you will have quality clinical experience (esp as non-trad) and getting a letter of rec from your pedi friend will not hurt. I’m glad to see that you’re planning to work in the hospital. What will you be doing? Let us know how it goes!
Also, when application time rolls around, don’t be afraid to pass your personal statement around to several people for feedback, and mock interviews are really helpful too.
Best of luck!