can they tell if your lieing?

on the big application to go to med school, the AMCAS or whatever its called, what happens if you dont disclose all the colleges you went to? can they find out? the reason i ask is because when i was very young i went to a CC for one semester and i got 3 F’s. i would really not like to include those on the application.

Hi, It most certainly would be better to disclose it…Yes, there are ways they can find out and it would be suicide to do so.

Case in point - I had a friend who applied to law school with very much the same situation as you describe (one horrible semester at CC) and he did not include that in his law school applications. He was accepted to law school and set to go, and somehow a month before school started…the law school dean called him and told him they found out that he lied on his application and revoked his acceptance. He reapplied the following year and did not get in anywhere.

Even I had a situation recently where in my post-bacc applications I did not include some high school college -level elective credits (drama, etc.), not because they were bad but just bc I was lazy and didn’t want to request yet another transcript for useless credits…and somehow the school found out about them and requested those transcripts.

It’s not worth it…one thing is if you had mediocre but bc of the F’s the schools would rightfully assume that you were deliberately withholding them - lying - not just an oversight. With new technology, there really is a paper trail everywhere and just about anything is discoverable/verifiable. I think Judy Colwell might be able to give a better insider view and how/whether they can find out.

I know it’s scary bc you fear that no medical school will forgive the F’s, but you have no to chance to make the case of proven improvement or maturity or upward trend after lying/withholding information on your application - I think this is really one of those things that is just unforgivable in the medical school process. I know this sounds really cheesy, but make sure you work really hard and show a dramatic improvement from that person and CC…embrace that person/those misteps as part of who you are and where you got to today. Good luck!

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