Canadian Nurse and Post Bacc programs

Hi everyone,

I graduated from nursing this year in Canada and I’m looking to apply to medical school in Canada and the U.S. I did not take any pre-req’s in my undergrad because my school limited the number of electives I could take. I’ve recently become serious about taking the time to strengthen my application and I’m looking for advice on any next steps to take. Since Canada does not have any formal post-bacc programs, I was considering applying to a post-bacc program in the U.S.

I don’t really have experience with science courses, especially physics. I’m considering doing a post-bacc in the U.S because first, I’m looking for more opportunities to gain references (nursing profs are not really receptive to references for medicine), and the academic/pre-med counselling provided by these schools. I’m not really familiar with when post-bacc programs start, I’m eager to get started as soon as possible. Are there any Canadian applicants that have applied for a post-bacc program in the U.S that have any advice? Also, taking a post-bacc program is really expensive for international students, is it worth the cost?

Also, I’m not optimistic about Canadian medical schools because they’re notorious for not accepting non-traditional students. So I am looking for ideas on how to strengthen my application for U.S schools, and do Canadian students have a good chance for getting in?