Canadians on this Board?

Hi all,

I am a frequenter of this board, and am based in the US, but grew up in Canada and have the fortune of being a dual citizen of the US in Canada. I know admissions is a totally different ballgame in Canada.

Since I am going to be applying to both Canadian and American schools, was wondering if there are Canadians in the same boat? It would be nice to find others to chat with about admissions to Canadian schools.

There are a couple of Canadians on here. Presse is currently a medical student in Canada.

Hi Meg (?)

I am a Canadian (in Canada) who is writing the MCAT July 8th and will be applying primarily to US schools and some Canadian schools this summer. Based on my research and my past academic record, I think the US schools will be more forgiving than the Canadian schools, but that is for my particular situation. One of the schools I plan to apply to is Columbia.

In terms of the conference, I didn’t go the first year of my journey but did go last year. I found it very “re-invigorating” as you do tend to get a bit beaten down over time. In addition, you do make great contacts. I am going this year primarily because there are a few Osteopathic schools represented at the conference and I want to make those contacts.

Anyway, good luck and stay in touch.



Good luck on your MCAT. I would love to hear how your applications go over the next year, esp US vs. Canadian schools. Hope you get into Columbia - I hear their new med school curriculum that is really great. I have heard that Canadian schools are more competitive, but am not totally sure about that. I think it depends if you are American or Canadian, and where you grew up. I am from Quebec, and so have the beenfit of lifetime in-province resident status, regardless of where I live now. Also, if you speak French, it is an asset. Many Canadian schools also lower their GPA standards if you have a Masters, and weigh out third and fourth year undergraduate courses so that if you do better in those years, your GPA could look much higher than it really is.

Anyway, good luck to you! Keep us posted.

Just wanted to revitalize this topic - any Canadians on this board? Or dual citizens?