Carib drop out options

Hi everyone,

So I was at one of the “big 3” Caribbean med schools for 2 years and last spring when the pandemic hit I was relocated home and for a combination of reasons(financial and taking care of a sick relative) I did not pass my last term. As a result my school assumed I was withdrawing so I now have that on my record. My question is should I transfer to another Caribbean school potentially picking up from where I left off or should I give med school in the states another chance ? I’ve applied twice in the past and gotten waitlisted. I’ve also recently emailed admins in the states that have told me my undergrad science gpa isn’t competitive enough and even though I did a Masters where I earned a 3.7, they want me to retake a couple of my pre-reqs. I will add that I’m in my 30s and have a lot of debt already from undergrad, grad school and now med school so I’m debating which road is worth it in the long run.

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