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Hi, I’m pretty new on this websit but very glad to have found it. My guess is that u’ve graduated med schl and somewhere in the US now for your residency. I’m seriously considering med schl in the caribbeans, what was your experience while you were there? I have 2 little kids and married, i constantly worry about how they’ll cope when i’m in schl, how often can they visit, cost of flights, how often can i travel to visit them in the US? and so many other questions. How difficult was ur residency matching? was your last 2 yrs of med schl in the US or the caribbeans? Did u face some discrimination because u chose the caribbeans? Sorry i have so many questions, i just want to be sure i’m making the right decision.

DRFP hasn’t been on for ages. Try researching your questions on ValueMD .

  • Kemi Said:
How difficult was ur residency matching? i just want to be sure i'm making the right decision.

For residency matching, the numbers tell the tale. For US-based MD/DO, matching rates are about 93%. For US Citizens who are IMG/FMG (international/foreign medical graduates) the matching rates are just above 50% and have been declining due to the increase in numbers of US-based medical graduates without an increase in residency slots.

Link to stats on residency matching

Link State Licensing of IMG/FMG

Hi, Kemi. The decision to attend a Caribbean school is indeed a tough one. Rich has given you some good numbers to look at. Residency positions for graduates of Caribbean schools will vary in quantity/quality by the type of specialty in which you are applying.

I would caution going the Caribbean route for a variety of reasons, including financial reasons (including the ever present risk that funding will be cut/not available at some time throughout your course of study) and for education/residency placement. Undoubtedly you will find examples of people who graduated from Caribbean schools and have done quite well, in fact, I have a few friends/colleagues who meet that criteria. However, for each of those, there are scores more with less desirable outcomes, including a number with tremendous debt and no degree/license to help them out of it.

I wish you the best in your decision!