CC transfer Question

I’m seriously debating on transferring from my current CC to one that is more non-traditional friendly (more night and weekend courses). It seems like my current school caters to traditional students.

2 courses I dearly need; Chemistry and Biology are offered mostly during the day. Only one session is offered at night; however the courses are scheduled during the same time slot (7-10 MW)and only offered during the Fall and Winter, meanwhile for traditional students the courses available during pretty much any time slot during the mormal school day (8-4).

At the school I’m looking to transfer too, General Chemistry prep, and Chem 1 and 2 are offered online and Biology from 6-9pm MW. The only on campus requirement is a Saturday Lab class.

I’d also like to mention that this school is a feeder school for the University of Washington, meaning with an associates degree I stand a pretty good shot of getting in.

Matriculation to the UW, is pretty difficult without a AS or AA. I have a AAS degree in Electronics, earned with I was in the Navy, however I was only required to take 8 General education courses to complete it, the technical portion of the degree came from military schools and training. I know the general education courses (40 Q hrs)will transfer, meaning that taking the required science classes (chem (18) and Bio (18)) and 3 humanities or Social Science credits will get me an A.A. that is directly transferable to UW and will allow me to transfer next spring; allowing me to continue work and for my wife to complete her RN.

Will med school admission boards look upon me negatively for transferring CC’s?

I forgot to add it is also financially beneficial for me to transfer, with the new GI Bill I would get an additional 450 a month to attend the new CC.