Certificate Program or DIY

Question for all…

Do you feel that it is better to take pre med courses ending in a certificate in medical science or just take the required pre med courses on a DIY track?

I haven’t heard that there is really any difference in the quality of the education you get in DIY -vs- PB. The advantages come int he form of having a support system and some schools have linkage policies. According to the one at my school if you get in the PB program, you don’t have to be a competitive applicant to gain admission into the med school.

I agree.

Things to weigh: certificate programs can often be more expensive and harder to find (for example there aren’t any in my state) but sometimes it’s nice to have an “organized” program that might offer shadowing/mentoring opportunities, links to medical schools (really make sure to look into that if it’s an important component for you as each program is very different on that) and the camaraderie of the program. I’m sure others might be able to fill you in on the other perks as I am a DIY’er.

As an aside, grade-wise, I’ve found (anecdotal evidence only) it’s easier to get A’s in DIY programs as you’re usually competing against undergraduates who frequently are unmotivated while in the certificate programs you are often competing against a small cohort class that is equally motivated…a curve usually favors the former.