Change Declared Major to Non-Matriculating Before Applying?

My school would not allow me to get subsidized/unsubsidized federal loans unless I declared a major. I already have a degree and didn’t really want to obtain another one. I spoke with one of the college counselors and they suggested that I declare a major simply to get federal funding. I thought that was a bit odd, but when I looked into it I did become a little interested in trying for another degree. I declared a major and got the federal funding but became very uninterested in another degree as time went on. I really just want to finish the prereqs and apply to medical schools.

I am a little concerned now that they will see a declared major that I never obtained. I am wondering if I should declare that I am non-matriculating again or if that would even erase the history of declaring a major. I don’t want it to look like I started something and then didn’t finish it to medical schools. That may not matter at all since I already have a BA though.

I wouldn’t bother with going through to earn that extra degree. When I did my DIY post-bach, I declared a major (mainly to get scheduling priority), and I just took the classes that I needed and never showed up again. It wasn’t mentioned in my interviews. I don’t believe it would reflect negatively on you for not finishing a second bachelor’s degree.

Good to know. bennard you are very helpful on this forum! I am also planning on applying to LSU SOM this summer. I am hopeful that I get into any med school, but if I had the option I would be torn between New Orleans or Shreveport. Since I have a family with small children Shreveport seems a better option with rent and location. Although, we have just thought that Slidell could work really well and that is closer to my family in Mobile, AL.

David, I actually live closer to Baton Rouge. Partially for much lower CoL, and partially b/c we have family here. I commute to school on these days I need to be there (about 1 hour each way), but I typically end up only having to go 1-2 days a week. LSU is pretty flexible during the first two years in terms of attendance (except for anatomy lab in the first semester). Plus, I have the option to do 3rd and 4th year clinicals in Baton Rouge, so that will save me the driving in the coming years. So, that’s something else to consider for LSU New Orleans.

Good luck with your application, and if there’s other questions I can answer about the school, feel free to reach out.