Change of plans

Hi guys,

I posted a couple weeks ago asking for recommendations on the order in which it is best to take the prereq classes. At the time I was planning on working while taking my courses. I’ve since decided to quit my job and go back to school full-time.

In the fall I’m planning to take gen chem I and possibly bio. Along with the corresponding labs, this equals 8 credits total for both courses. Would I be nuts by adding another course to my schedule? I’d like to make “full-time status” for the purpose of health insurance and financial aid (which is defined by them as 12 credits) and I’m mentally prepared to take on a full courseload. Any recommendations for what I should add?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!


I don’t see anything wrong with a full time courseload if you aren’t working full time. As far as what to add, have you taken any math? Possibly college algebra? or something easy likie “ethics” which I am finding is a pre-req on a few of the colleges I am applying to. (good thing I dumb lucked into taking it)

If you are not working, med schools will expect you to be able to show that you can do the coursework. Full-time status will also impact your financial aid.

I’ve already taken statistics, calculus, and ethics. The courses remaining for me are the core science classes. Do you think gen chem I, gen bio, and physics I would be a do-able courseload? Or do you have any other recs for a class I could add to gen chem and gen bio? Thanks!

I don’t see why you couldn’t do those three together, but I would wait for others opinions about physics (thats the one pre-req I haven’t repeated). If there were anyway to take another Bio course that might not be too bad, but I don’t want to send you into something like genetics if you have never had gen bio.

For 2 semesters, I took chem, physics, bio, and all their corresponding labs while working about 20 hrs/week and earned all A’s. If you’re not working then it should be more than possible.

I would PM terra_incognita as she had a full course load this semester that included: Gen Bio, Gen Chem, and Gen Phys (all with labs) and she was a full-time student.

Since you have already taken a math class, I would take an elective like Anatomy/Physiology, Medical Spanish, or a research course.

Hope this helps!


As TJJ MD mentioned, I took Physics, Gen Bio, and Gen Chem (all with labs) last year as a FT student (I didn’t work at all). And it was definitely doable. Second semester, I also added a research seminar (which also had a lab) for a total of 4 classes + 4 labs. I don’t know that I would recommend taking THAT many courses at once … it was pretty intense, although I still came out with straight A’s.

But I think 3 classes + 3 labs is fine if you are not working, are comfortable with the math (which it seems you are since you’ve taken calc), and have good study skills.

Doing this sequence would just leave you with orgo to take, and then some upper-level electives. Which is definitely recommended.

Best wishes, and let us know what you decide!

Terra_incognita, I’ve decided to go ahead and take all three science courses in the fall since I won’t be working and can focus all my time and energy on school.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

I took gen chem, bio, physics (all with labs) and calculus for two quarters while working 20ish hours a week. It was tough, but a hell of a lot easier than taking the entire year of organic chemistry with labs in 8 weeks!!

Many schools are now requiring 6 credits of English as well. Some schools will sub that with writing intesive humanities courses but you need to check out the requirements of the specific schools you are interested in. So I would look into that just to be sure.

Good luck with your journey!

Hey there…

Where did you complete your postbacc coursework? Just curious…I’m hoping to find a program in a state where the weather is warm year-round so I’m looking around for someone who’s already done it…



Arizona State Univ. About 5 miles from my house. I signed up as a degree-seeking student but only took the classes that I wanted to take (and was practically first in line for registration).

If you’re looking for year-round warm weather then Tempe is where it’s at!

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If you're looking for year-round warm weather then Tempe is where it's at!

Just warm, eh? I declare false advertising.

Although today it's only 90, so that's a nice change for mid-July.

Hey no complaining Pixie. Having lived in Phx for 3 years I am now dying to get back. I completely believe in the dry heat mantra, as 2 days ago in The Ville, it was only 95 degrees but with the 80% humidity it felt like 120 they said. I hate it when there is more water in the air than in your swimming pool.

Haha, ok let me re-phrase: mostly nice and warm, and sometimes hot (when it’s over 110).

Most people ask, “Ugh, so hot. How do deal with the heat?” My reply is always, “With a beer by the pool.” Yeah, what a rough summer…

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Most people ask, "Ugh, so hot. How do deal with the heat?" My reply is always, "With a beer by the pool." Yeah, what a rough summer...

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