Changing Jobs/Moving

Hi! My name is Sarah. I’m attending an MPH program in the Fall that is in another city in my state and I’m super excited! However, recently, I’ve gotten a job as a CNA in my current town and plan on working there until I have to move to the new city which wouldn’t be until January. Once I move, I plan on applying for a CNA position there as well. I’m wondering if this will look inconsistent to admissions since I have to leave my first job without having worked there for a year at least.
Thank you!

Hey Sarah!

First off, congrats on being accepted into an MPH program and CNA position! That said, I think you may be over analyzing things a little bit. I doubt ad comms will care about your employment history or view it as “inconsistent.” From my understanding, what they consider inconsistent is when there are gaps in your application (i.e. periods of no activity involvement). So, if you are switching from one CNA job to another then that is not inconsistent. In fact, if the work is the same you may even be able to condense it into 1 activity line on the application, meaning ad comms wouldn’t even see the transition. Hope this helps as you think about things. Best wishes in your MPH and CNA jobs!

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Thank you so much for the kind words!!