Checking in

Well, now that maybe things have settled a bit more, I figured I’d check back in and see how everything is. Last semester and the move sucked the life out of me but I’m starting to get my bearings finally. Finished last semester (including the BCPM classes general chem 1 and statistics) with a 4.0 GPA, took my NREMT test, and am now an EMT. So guess I “established” a BCPM/science GPA of 4.0 and overall is at 3.94 right now. Got a temp job working at Kaiser while I wait to get my EMT card so I can apply at American Medical Response.

I’m taking a PE class in the morning at Sierra College (the CC here) despite the fact I fucking hate getting up at 5:30…and going to take gen chem 2, calc 1, and german 1 this next Fall semester. I did get a German program though to work on that over the summer, but honestly, I’m just too damn lazy to do shit with it right now; EMS is already rubbing laziness off on me and I don’t even have a job in it yet.

I guess that’s about it…I plan to take an accelerated Pre-EMTP A&P class next January too since I’ve decided to apply to paramedic school next year (I’ll be able to work for a good 2-3 years as a medic, mostly while at Davis, and that’s providing I get accepted to med school first time around which obviously isn’t a guarantee by any means)…I dunno. EMT is cool and all, it’s nice having a basic understanding of emergency medicine, but paramedics get to do all the “fun” shit like intubate, push meds, interpret ECGs, etc.

I also finally decided on majoring in biochemistry & molecular biology, since I know my choices jumped around a /lot/, heh. Took gen chem 1, shit got blown up (<3 hydrogen + fire), and yeah I fell in love with chem (just not enough to major strictly in chem, heh). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh yeah, and I’m going to a gun shop tomorrow to buy a shotgun to blow away my desktop (I have a laptop and my desktop has pissed me off for the last time). Now I think that’s about it. Hope everyone is doing well, I’m going to go drink a beer, be lazy some more, and then sleep for about ten or twelve hours.

Congrats Tim!

I was wondering where you disappeared to. 4.0 is awesome! Keep it up and you’ll be Dr. Tim in a few short, miserable years.

  • croooz Said:
Congrats Tim!

I was wondering where you disappeared to. 4.0 is awesome! Keep it up and you'll be Dr. Tim in a few short, miserable years.

Thanks man. Yeah, last semester got really hectic, courtesy of 18.5 units, a move to Roseville, and all the hoops I had to run through to become an EMT. I was barely even around on Ghetto Medic (EMS forum). Won't be Dr. Tim for a loooooong, long time, but right now, EMT Tim has a nice ring to it in the meantime.