Chem I was ok

I got a C+ in Chem I. Should I take it over or just forget it and look ahead?

I think I would take it again - it’s a foundation class, so getting a C+ in Chem I will look different from a C+ in Orgo 2. But that’s only my opinion!

I think this really depends on how you feel about the subject. If the C+ was a result of never “getting it” then retaking would probably be beneficial so that you have the necessary foundation for gen chem II and orgo. If it was just a poor test that brought the average down then I would just forge ahead.

Well, do you know how it happened and what you’ll do differently next time? For me, practicing the homework problems repeatedly was the big key, but everybody’s different. If you can kick the stuffing out of Chem II I’d say move on and SHINE. But if you can’t, stop and figure out what you need to change.

Hi. While it may seem logical to repeat a course for a better grade, admissions committees are not really interested in having students repeat courses (iow it does nothing to better their application.) Having said that, if you feel that you don’t understand the material, then I suggest you either ask the professor if you could sit in on the course again (without taking tests, quizzes, homework, etc so that you don’t create extra work for the prof) or you audit the course. I believe Natalie mentioned in a previous post that if you do retake a course, you run the risk of a poorer showing, and either way, the first grade will not be erased, at least with regards to the AMCAS application (regardless of whether your school does not include the course on your transcript.)
Something else you may want to do, since this is your first chemistry class, is to take other chemistry classes (besides the required organic) and really kick butt in those classes to show that you have aptitude in chemistry (i.e. upper division courses–physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc.)
Good luck!

The key thing, IMNSHO, is to STOP and figure out what happened before you go further. You can recover from one C. Repeat the mistake, and you’re really treading on thin ice. This is KEY especially if you are a non-trad picking up prereq courses as a post-bacc rather than a college freshman just starting your college career.
I really can’t emphasize this enough. While Adcoms have varying degrees of forgiveness for bad OLD grades, when you decide what you want to do and go back to school, they expect to see a really good record - they want to see you “putting your money where your mouth is,” if you will. The only way to show 'em that is with your grades, so you really need to have figured out the glitches prior to moving on.


I think I would take it again - it’s a foundation class, so getting a C+ in Chem I will look different from a C+ in Orgo 2. But that’s only my opinion!

Actually I think orgo grades get more closely scrutinized than gen chem grades. They both matter, but for some reason a lot of people zero in on orgo. (Maybe because everyone remembers their own orgo class for all eternity.) If you can ace all your chem classes from here on out, you should be in good shape.