CHemist to MD

Hello everyone …hope your day is great!!! It appears that all of have similar stories. That is good to know since I thought I was a lone wolf attempting to live the dream. My story is this: I was so clueless and carefree in college that it took me six years and two colleges later to earn a degree in Chemistry. I was not the best student but I earned B’s and C’s in my major course work. I graduated 20 years ago…WOW… …but since then I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry and Im now a Risk Compliance Manager. I enjoy my job, but no passion. I was going to pursue a PA degree, but after much consideration I am going the MD route. Since I have been out of school for a while, I am going to retake some of my science curses. I am not sure if I should to take it on a graduate level or if just should do a retake of the undergrad courses. Secondly, I have family, job church, household…basically no time for volunteer work…any thoughts on what I should do.

I have been following this forum for just a short time, but I see a lot of inspiration from you guys.

The grad level courses will be difficult


Raleigh, NC

Read the following. You’re situation is similar to poster HeatherShirley. Just ignore DRFP.…