Chemistry Grades Are Posted

Okay, guys, you're going to be disappointed in me, but it looks as though I've earned a lowly C in Chem II.
I'm somewhat disappointed because the guaranteed cut-off for a B is 732 total points and I managed 722. I feel proud because I pulled that up in three weeks from an F in the 40% range to this high C.
I'm hoping for a miracle, but I don't expect one.
But the silver lining is that I get to enroll in Organic I now and I can get back on track.
Thanks for all the help and support.

Ash, congratulations for getting through it - damn it is disappointing to get close like that, but hey, it's over. You have the right attitude of looking forward to organic. Go in there and do great. I liked organic soooooooo much better than gen-chem, especially gen-chem II which blows.

I'm sorry about your C in Chemistry. I still think it's admirable though considering that you had such an awful professor to deal with, and an F to a C is a huge jump. Be proud of that accomplishment at least! Good luck in Organic Chemistry.

You have my sincerest congratulations on making it through Chem II. I loathe Chemistry… detest it down to the fibre of my every being… Organic is hard… study, work lots of problems etc. I know this is probably hindsight… but down here (in NC) the advisors recommend taking Chem II AFTER Organic… for some reason they say it's easier… don't ask me… I just finished Org I and am signed up for Org II to start in YIKES! 10 days or so…
Good luck…

That's interesting that your school does it that way, Andrea. My undergrad school was the same, it was gen chem, orgo I, orgo II, then inorganic (aka gen chem II). I didn't take any of those courses there, but I remember my pre-med/bio friends commenting on how odd it was that we did it that way. But maybe there was a method to their madness.
Congrats Ash, you made it through. And onto bigger and better things. I think you have a great attitude about it and I'm sure that orgo will go much better for you. Hopefully the professor will be more sane, at any rate.

we’re not disappointed in you at all Ash - as a wise sailor once said
“when there’s no wind, you just have to row”
you put your back into it and rowed - and passed -
good for you.