Chicago Group Forming!

I think I can safely say that for those of us who went to the conference earlier this month, it was a great opportunity to meet other OPMers and get some in-person support for this journey. I’m hoping to continue that kind of cameraderie by starting up a Chicago-area OPM group.

I’m encouraged by the response I’ve seen to the Mid-Atlantic group that is currently forming, and I hope that we can get some Chicago-area folks together as well. I imagine it being a mix of both work and play. By that I mean I anticipate social events, but also perhaps getting together to help each other work on applications, share resources, etc.

So, like Fedaykin (who started the post for the Mid-Atlantic group), I’d like to open it up for discussion: Anyone else in the area interested in getting together? As I’ve mentioned, I have some ideas, but I’d like to hear from others as well …

Make sure to touch base with Gonnif. I talked to him about this in Vegas, and he has a few groundrules and expectations involved in doing so (though he was positive with me and I’m sure would be with you as well).

Thanks, Fedaykin. I have indeed talked with Gonnif, and he was very encouraging about this.

Not to hijack the thread, but these group posts makes me wish we had a Google map showing where all the OPM’ers are.

Good idea, Pixie!


I’m interested too. I’m in the far north 'burbs but grew up on the far south side so anywhere in the Chgoland area is good for me.

I’m interested but can make zero guarantees about my physical presence at events, especially once school starts up (at which point I’ll be doing FT school, FT work and two volunteer jobs). Would love to make it if I can, however!

count me in

but no hijacking me in a corner

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count me in

but no hijacking me in a corner

"Nobody puts onawingandaprayer in a corner"

Sorry couldn't help it, nuthin to see here, move along.

it is a running joke between l and me…

if i show up at one of these meetings people may decide to keep me in a corner all night picking my brain as someone who has btdt

but double kudos on the 80’s reference