Children and Med School

This is my first post, but I’ve been on and around this site for awhile. I wanted to hear from single parents of young children or any parents for that matter - especially women and how they have reconciled the decision to pursue medical school with the rigors it presents and the demands and sacrifices necessary with parenthood.

Is it possible to do both successfully and have it all? For those with kids, how are you balancing it all? Would you have more children now, in med school or wait until completing residency programs?

Have you already checked out ?

I’m still working on my UG, but I have a ten year old son and just got married, plan to have more. So far what has been key for me is that my husband is very supportive. Time management is a big thing, I also work full time, so just managing my time is the key thing.

Children in med school is certainly possible. I had two. Supportive SO/family is key to having children anywhere along this journey. There are pros and cons to having kids anywhere along the path.

Hi, I’m not in medical school yet,I’m still finishing up my undergrad degree but I am a single mom,and single as in no other parent even in the picture, so it’s just me. I must admit the thought of going to medical school and then residency as a single parent is scary to me, and I often worry that I won’t have as much time for my daughter (she’s 2 now and will be 4 when I actually enter medical school). However, I believe that I am providing a great example and role model by showing her to follow your dreams regardless of any obstacles in the way. Also, I realized that it’s not so much the quantity of the time spent with her as it is the quality of time. I know parents who don’t work or go to school and they still don’t have quality time with their children. I think that as long as I let her know that mommy is working hard to provide her with a better lifestyle and education than I could w/o education and remember to be there when she really needs me most, things will be fine. Now, like I said, who knows? Maybe I’m being way too optimistic but I do know that I was extremely proud of my parents, one a lawyer the other a doctor, even though they worked long hours and weren’t PTA parents. This does not mean it will be easy, I’m sure that it will be very difficult, and I’ll have to make sure that I have reliable childcare for her as well as a back up plan, and I’ll probly feel like giving up on more than one occasion. No family is perfect,each one has to make their own sacrifices, and only you can know if it’s worth it or not.