Choosing a major

Here is a question for all of you.
I'm trying to decide between a major in philosophy or history and I was just curious if any of you took that route for pre-med?
Both of them are interesting and i really dont want to burn out on science by getting my B.S. in biology and then go through the riggers of medical school.
On the other hand I also dont want to get myself into something that will cause problems in keeping up my GPA. Right now im leaning more towards history then anything else though.
Any thoughts?

A - floats your boat, and
B - seems most compatible in terms of workload with the pre-med courses and MCAT studying.
For example, if history majors at your school have to do some sort of huge senior project and it would coincide with your studying for the MCAT (just totally making up an example here), then maybe that wouldn't work so well.
but if the workload for each looks similar, go with what interests you the most.

Hey, I hadn’t thought to check that out yet, thanks.
Seems like that would be common sense, but that escapes us sometimes. After all, thousands of heads have to be better then one. Fortunately I have to go see the various advisors at U of H anyway, I’ll chalk that up as one more question to the list. (maybe Ill even decide my major before I transfer there next year. Of course pigs could learn to fly by then too.) <!–emo&<_dry.gif

I'm minoring in philosophy, becasue i just want to

The best way to pick your major for medical school, or any other graduate or professinal program —> do what ever blows your skirt up the most. By opting for a major that you truly enjoy, you maximize you opportunity for getting the most fun and enjoyment out your education. And, things that you love to do, you tend to perform better in…yielding a better GPA to apply for you med school apps. No major is better or wrse than others. Most of my classmates were Bio & Chem. But we had a couple of nurses, 1 rest terrorist, 1 NS major, several music majors, hisitory majors…you name it, they were all there. All degrees provided advantages & disadvantages and none of them provided an impressive overall advantage.
Do what you love, do your best and then apply it proudly to your application process.

Thanks all. I'll be majoring history and minor bio.