Choosing schools to apply to...

Hey everyone! Procrastinating a bit and trying to compare DO schools to apply to. I have the DO version of the MSAR (so awesome that it’s a free download) and I’m looking at each school’s website and really trying to get a feel for the schools, but…

Is there any resource about the other details of each school? It’s hard to determine how much of a school’s website is chaff. I’m looking for info on how often students are tested, how closely professors teach for the boards, social environment on campus, what if any support is provided for first-year students , the types of neighborhoods around the campus and the cost of living.

Has anyone compiled that information somewhere, or have I just created a major summer project for myself?

On SDN, whom is OPM is partnered with, there are threads for school specific sites for post-bacc, MD, DO and other programs. While there is good information in these threads but much of it is rant, rave, and the general absoluteness in the tone of these posters. So read them and use them carefully. Find ones who are expressing their own experiences that do not seem to be arguing, screaming, flaming, etc.

BTW, one of my missions here at OPM is to keep this site with accurate information, thoughtful opinions, and civil tones in disagreements and not have the vitriol of other sites.

Also, many of the DO schools will be exhibiting at the OPM conference. I will post a prelim list by the end of the week.

Yes, I’ve waded through SDN. While there is a forum that compares DO schools it is very full of the rant & rave. I definitely prefer the laid-back, polite atmosphere on OPM.

However, I will set aside a few hours this weekend to wade deeper into the murky depths of SDN to build some kind of mini-database; and I am definitely looking forward to your list!!

Hi, Pixie!

Maybe us OPMers could make our own thread of DO schools that we’ve had experience with, for posterity? With our own point of view on other things like family-friendliness of school and area, etc? Things tailored to us? Just an idea.

Good luck on your application - its a very exciting time.

You might try two avenues.

One is thru the school admissions offices. Tell them that you are looking for more information about what it is like to attend their school and ask if they have any students who are willing to have you contact them by email and ask questions.

Another idea is going to CMDA (Christian MEdical and Dental Association) - contact their national office and ask if they have contact info for the CMDA president at that campus, and if you can contact them. (Or SAAO - the student osteopathic association). I just mention CMDA because that’s how I got some of that info so I know the student leaders were accessible. Truthfully, some of that information I did not get until I interviewed at the schools who asked me to interview.

Kate - Those are great suggestions, thank you so much!

somedayDrA - I think having our own DO school review thread is totally logical. Now we just need someone attending said schools to start it!