Class 2011 Match - experiences needed

Hi all. I am graduating next year and am starting the match process now. eewwwww. Anyway, I wanted to hear from Class 2010 about their IM programs. I am looking at Freeman Health Systems in Joplin, Mo in particular, but info on any midwest programs would be great. Thanks

Internal medicine at Buffalo is highly recommended if you like a Midwestern lifestyle. The faculty are friendly and very excited to teach, not just boss you around. They give dedicated time for research, and the schedule is mellow relative to other programs. All of the major subspecialties are represented. Especially prestigious is oncology at Roswell Park.

I did my required IM intern year at Maryland and it is a great program with a fantastic program director. The graduates get into very strong fellowships and do very well on the boards. However, it is in the inner city with a patient population with inner city problems (though that comes with lots of pathology to be seen).

Gundersen Lutheran, IM - La Crosse, Wisconsin. Excellent.

Have a friend in the transitional program at Gunderson this year who is loving it.

I’ll put in my two cents for University of Iowa Des Moines program. It’s a small program but the attendings and program directors are amazing. Drop me a PM if you’d like more info.