Class of 2019ers

This group inspired me to power through to my goal back at the 2013 conference. I can’t believe it is finally my time to begin classes. I got my acceptance back in October and have been super excited. Now that the time draws nearer ( we begin in June) I am getting super nervous about finding that family balance sooner than later. I also don’t have the “stamina” to pull all nighters studying and such, so finding a productive study method right away is key too.

Who else is starting soon?

I’m accepted c/o 2019 as well at LSU-New Orleans. Still trying to get everything in place. Kind of hard to believe this is really happening.

I’m starting this August at Weill Cornell Medical College in NYC. I’ve been on the pre-med journey since 2010. It feels both wonderful and surreal that I’m finally going to be starting medical school.

Exciting to hear from others who are starting this fall too! Congrats to all of us.

Starting @ Wake Forest in July. I have a wife and toddler, but strangely school will add a little bit of stability to my life. What I’m not looking forward to is crashing back into academia. It’s been 11 years since I sat in a normal classroom with normal students. School as a “job” should be nice though…

Starting at Kansas City University (which actually just announced that they’re building a new campus a few days ago) this summer. Really not looking forward to moving (the actual physical process) or my income becoming -120% of what it is currently, but otherwise really looking forward to starting.

Married with no kids, and I’ve never not had a job while I was in school, so this will be an interesting change of pace for me.

Can each of you mention where you will be attending

congrats yall. MS1 here, I started my pre-med stuff in 2009. I’m in my 30’s now. I haven’t pulled any all nighters yet, but I do wake up extra early for exam days to do one last flip through of the notes. Time flies like you wouldn’t believe.

couple of tips:

  • if you live where snow/ice will hit and have a car, get covered or indoor parking for sure. It’s so worth it.
  • upload class notes and study guides to Fedex Online and get them printed at a nearby store. They can add spiral binders and stuff. This is wildly useful and anxiety relieving to know you have that one neuro study guide printed or color anatomy slides in a spiral book.
  • after orientation you are bombarded with emails almost daily, use the folders/labels features and keep the important ones organized.
  • get all the vaccines/tb test stuff out of the way early, it is a zoo near the deadlines and people waste a lot of time waiting to get these done.
  • buy some nice pens and highlighters, don’t get cheap bic pens

    Do your best but if you fall short or fail something, don’t lose your head over it. Talk to a 2nd year or someone doing well and adopt a new approach.

Thanks, paulatreides, I’ll be sure to get the covered parking in snow country :). Also, many thanks to you, Lorien. You were tremendously encouraging and inspiring to both my husband and me during the last two conferences. Your story of resilience and determination gave me steam heading into this crazy year affectionately known as the application cycle. Thank you to you too, Licia, for just being delightful and kind you. I am the older woman who was doing an undergrad [no postbacc…full-blown, four-year bachelors!] at the University of Virginia. I will be joining you in West Virginia!

I will begin working on an M.D. in sixty days at Marshall University in Huntington! Such a surreal experience!