class registration problems

Hello All. Sorry, but I am just so totally frustrated right now!! The classes that I need to take (Biology 111 & Chemistry 111) are closed out! Full! Six weeks before class starts!!
I have been e-mailing and calling the registrar, my contact in admissions, the head of the biology department, the head of the chemistry dept., my advisor (biology prof. who is currently out of town), the chemistry professor whose class I want to take, (the biology professors are all TBA), the College of Arts & Sciences Advisors who are also gone…
I don’t know what else to do. I’m so pissed off. All I want to do is register for class, be a student, pursue my dream FT, and I can’t get through to a live person and the one person I do reach is freakin’ RUDE and doesn’t want to deal with me (biology dept. head). HELLO! Morons, I’m the type of student you WANT at your university. I’m excited, I’m gung-ho, I show up to class (always!), I’m mature (well…trying to be–not succeeding at the moment…)

I went for a walk this AM at work. I may need another one. I’m sure my boss has noticed something is up. I was going to give my notice tomorrow (3 weeks), but I’m not going to give notice until I get into my classes! I hope to at least give 2 weeks. I want to leave on good terms.
I guess UNCG does not want my $15K in tuition and fees.
Thanks for listening to me whine. I will keep trying to register for class online…and I guess I may have to call in sick to work next week, drive 300 miles south, and pick up the appropriate forms, attempt to register “live” on-site even though I’ve tried explaining to these people that I work full-time and am trying to register for class NOW before I give up my job, my boyfriend, my friends, my life…

I’m so sorry about the whole situation.
I was so pissed off too, but I guess I was in a better situation. My problem was that I applied to school long before the dead line and they lost some of my documents (I mean they had such a mess that they didn’t even know that the papers were there) and when I called about 6 weeks after the dead line they told me that they are missing documents. I told them my side of the story and of course they checked and found whatever they were missing. But when I got admitted the same week, the sections I was interested in were already closed. I got the classes I wanted, but my schedule is not the one I imagined…
and what did they tell me? - next year I have to try to register as early as possible
Maybe you can try wait lists…?
anyway - good luck to you…Hopefully everything will work out…

Yeah, well I guess it’s my own fault for not registering early enough. I normally register for classes the day registration opens! Or at least that week, but life events got in the way…my math class from spring, my awesome shadowing experience, the Denver convention. I started trying to register after I got back from Denver, but I should have tried in late May/early June (after shadowing Natalie) and before Denver.
I guess I will have to keep trying to register online. Meanwhile, I’ve contacted all of the professors I can but none of them will cut me a break (so far). I still haven’t been able to get into Biology (lecture or lab), but I’m in Chemistry with the lecture time slot I wanted but a horrible night class for lab. I gotta take what I can get at this point! Oh well. It’s frustating–everyone is on vacation right now so nobody can help me. I’ll just have to keep checking the web site and attempt to register at orientation on 8/11. Hopefully, someone will drop the classes I need.

Hi Stacy!
So you did get into the Chem class? That’s good news. Even if you can’t get into the Bio class, definitely still go to the first day, and find out if there are any spaces left. You can be persistent and do this right up until the withdraw-without-penalty deadline, which is when a lot of overwhelmed freshman are going to be dropping that class.
Or if that doesn’t work, is there another class you could take? Calculus? Physics? Biology 2 (I don’t see why you couln’t take them in reverse order.)
Keep bugging that prof. Usually it’s the prof who has final say. .
Good luck!

I was able to get Chemistry 111 but haven’t been able to get Biology 111. I have also tried registering for Physics and was able to get the Physics lab but not the physics lecture, but I’d honestly prefer to take physics next year–after the math–and at the same time as o-chem. At UNCG, there is only 1 physics lecture, 3 chemistry lecture sections, and 5 biology lecture sections! I finally did get into Chem 111 ( ) but Bio remains full…There are a lot of lab sections b/c labs are limited to 25 students.
So right now, I’m registered for Chemistry 111 lecture and lab, Physics lab (will drop once I get Biology), PreCalculus, and Fitness Swim (my 1-credit sport class).
I finally got an e-mail from one of the biology profs who said he would pink-slip me in if I gave him my add/drop form…which is great except that I’m 300 miles away right now! So I’m hoping he’ll mail me the add/drop form or else I have to wait until I move, which isn’t too much longer now. I’m moving between 7/25 - 7/28. I strongly prefer being pink-slipped into class ASAP! It will ease my mind.
And, I swear I’m registering for Spring 2005 classes the day I set foot on campus this fall!! I’m not going through this stress again.
I just need for some of those immature 18-year-olds to drop out now… . Actually, who am I kidding? Those 18-year-olds are going to academically kick my ass.

Set up a meeting with the Bio prof, call in sick at work tomorrow (or Monday I guess), go down there, and get the pink slip signed and turned in. That’s what I’d do anyway. You’ll feel better. Just make sure it’s the right procedure for adding the class, and that your prof really has that authority.

Hi Stacy,
I had a similar registration problem for my bio lab class.
At my school we’re are assigned registration times. When it was time for me to register via the internet, the lab class was closed.(Grrrrr!) I then had to run over to the bio dept. and request an emergency add/drop form. OK so I’m filling out this form that requires the usual student info, then to top it all off (I’m feeling really stressed by now) I see at the bottom of the form I have to write a mandatory essay about why I should be admitted to this class over my fellow students who also want in this lab class! I was like “oh come on” but it was for real. So I took a deeeeeep breath and started writing to beat the band, turned in my essay and the form and walked out of the office not knowing if I’d get in or not. After a few weeks went by I was notified that I was in. Whew!!!
So I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get into your bio class.
Oh and another thing , don’t assume the traditional students will “kick your ass”, that’s what I thought would happen to me when I started at my school, which is 95% traditional, hell I was terrified. After a few weeks into the semester I picked up on passing conversations from my fellow students, the boys were talking about the girls and vice versa. I was thinking shouldn’t they be discussing the material that was just covered? No, a lot of them were too concerned with dating, and rush week and a lot of them would be out partying until 3 or 4 in the am, then they’d sing the blues when they got BC’s, C’s and D’s on their exams, HA! So it will probably be you kickin’ their asses academically!

I hate it when this happens. One thing in your favor, all classes have waitlists and these type of classes typically have higher than normal attrition rates. So put your name on the WL and cross your fingers. I bet you get in.

Stacy, don’t expect the bio prof to get that slip for you and mail it. (depending on how UNCG works he may not even know where you get these forms) I mean, he may be nice and helpful but the bottom line is that YOU are the one who needs it. It is definitely not going to be at the top of his list of things to do even if he is flattered at your strong determination to get into his class. No one cares about this issue more than you do, so YOU are the one on whom it falls to make the extraordinary effort. I agree with pushkin, take the day off, go down there, get it done. In person is always better.


Can he fax you the form and then you fax it back? You can talk to your local Kinko’s, work, friend,…

Rachel (or should I say Dr. Wankum?)
I was so glad to see your name pop up on the boards again! Hope all is well with you.

Update on my class situation: There’s still not much of an update. I sent a FedEx to my advisor with a return FedEx (already paid) to put in some add/drop forms earlier this week and I should have gotten the FedEx yesterday :frowning: but maybe I’ll get it today as I’m around the corner from the main building and the main building has the mailroom.
I still haven’t been able to register online, but I did find a web link to the Faculty Override Add/Drop form! But, the professors have to register me via the faculty web page and then I register myself so I sent both the biology professor and the chemistry dept. head (since I don’t know who is teaching the lab section of the lab I want to get in) the web link and asked them to register me.
But, I think I’m going to have to do this in person. I finally turned in my 2 week’s notice yesterday and my last day at work is going to be 7/23. I am either going to move on 7/24 or 7/31; I am now leaning towards 7/31–assuming I can get the Budget truck and my friends for that day–because this will give me the week of 7/25-7/31 to take care of class issues and packing although I hope to be totally packed by 7/24 anyway. 17 boxes down (books and a few knick-knacks only!) and more stuff to go…
Meanwhile, I will keep calling and e-mailing the professors…I even sent Mrs. Fields cookies to my advisor for being so helpful. Yes, I am resorting to small bribes. Anything to get into biology…

I know this is off subject…but if you are looking for help moving. Go to and click on moving help. They offer companies for your area that will help you pack, carry stuff, and/or even drive the moving truck if you want. You do not have to have a uhaul truck either. They are reasonably priced as well.
Good luck with your move and with getting the addition class.
PS thanks Kathy, it is good to be back

I have excellent news to report. I just now got into Biology 111 lecture and lab!! Finally, I’m so happy!! It only took a month…Now onto finishing up work, packing at home, and finally getting back to OPM. My class schedule is straightened out and I’m on Cloud 9. The lab section isn’t the one I wanted, but it will do. Better than nothing! I will still check in periodically to see if I can get the Monday lab section that was my first choice, but at least I’m finally registered for my classes.
Now I just have to pay for them. But, I have until 7/30. I am in the process of checking to see if my Stafford loan has been applied yet to my account. I’ll pay a lot less up front if it has.


I’m glad it all worked out for you!

Awesome! Keep us all posted!

18 year olds will be no match for you.
Most of them are more into the whole college experience (living away from home, partying, meeting new people, etc), than you are, and a hell of a lot less motivated.
Your dedication to learning the material and your life experience will get you far, I promise you.
Now go kick some 18 year old ass!