classes: community college vs. state school

This upcoming Fall, I want to take some upper level biology coursework. I have the option of taking an introductory genetics course at a local community college or one at a major research university. Both courses are 5 units each, but the community college is 5 miles from my house, while the major research university is 50 miles away. Of course, the major research university’s course will probably be more rigorous and also about 3 times more expensive. The community college course will, of course, be cheaper and closer.

I am leaning toward taking the more rigorous state college course, but the commute will be difficult as I will be commuting with traffic jams. I tested it out the other day and it took 2 hours to go the fifty miles. Coming back at night was easier as there was no traffic jam.

Any ideas?

That sounds pretty brutal. I say do what you can with the resources available to you. if you consider 3 hours in the car plus the cost as not being prohibitive, it’ll probably be a better course at the uni level. I probably couldn’t manage dealing with that drive and would take the CC if there were no better options.

Hello All,

I joined your site yesterday. Iam so glad that l found your forum. I have been in financial services for over 10 years and l am not very happy.

When l went to college in 1984,it was as a biology majpr with the objective of becoming a dr.During my first year, l was having difficulty with chemistry and changed my major to businesss. when I look back , realized I should have fought through it.l ended up doing what everyone thought I should do. A couple of months back.l was considering grad school to further my business resume, l realized getting an mba was not, and is not my pasion.I am going to be a dr. Now its just coming up with a plan to make it happen.