Clinical experience, should I stay or should I go?

Hi all! my name is Chie and I wanted to ask about my clinical experience thus far, whether I should stay or go.

A little about me:

I’m 2 years out of undergrad and I plan on taking the MCAT in April and apply this cycle. I have done shadowing, nonclinical volunteer work, and research in 2021. I have done clinical volunteer work with a childrens hospital in college but stopped since I moved back home. I also plan to do research at a pretty prestigious college this summer which I am looking forward to. I am also a CNA and work part time at a chiro clinic (explained below).

The clinical experience I have been currently doing is working as a medical assistant at a chiropractic office for a year now. I help to set the patients up with electrotherapies and spinal decompression machines. But majority is front desk work. Initially I was hired to work under their medical doctor to be a scribe but the MD left in March 2021 and I have been pushed to do more front desk duties ever since. The pay is decent but I feel like I’m not learning much about patient interaction or feel like I’m missing out on experiences I can get elsewhere working at a hospital or at an MD or DO office doing more hands on work and just being around them… I feel like I can’t write anything meaningful other than how I help set up the therapy machines for patients and spend time talking with them… other than that I’m scheduling appointments and checking insurances. should I stay or should I go? I have been trying to look for a MA position in a doc’s (MD or DO) office but I can’t find anything so far… (only an MA position at a clinic with a physician assistant and RN)? Regardless I was going to count the chiro MA work as clinical (because I interact with patients). Thanks!