Columbia Post Bac

Hi guys. I was just wondering if anyone has heard from Columbia yet regardng fall admission. What were your stats when applying?

Mine are:

Undergrad School: Fordham University

GPA: 3.62

S.A.T: 1320 (the program requires you to submit S.A.T. scores)

I am 23 years old. Worked as a personal injury paralegal during undergrad and left that position to take a position as a medical assistant to a plastic surgeon, where I currently work.

Anyone who attended Columbia’s program who had similar stats?? What do you guys think my chances are of being accepted?

I am not a Columbia Post-bacc, but from my understanding they are not THAT selective when it comes to admission to the program. They do want your hard earned $$ after all Your stats look good enough to get in I think though I think it’s also quite late in the summer for you to still not know. I imagine it’s odd not to give you more of a notice and I would definitely try to follow up.

Is it the only school you applied to?

Agnieszka, thank you for responding to my question. I’m not sure why they give you such little time between notification and the beginning of the semester, but their appliation deadline was not until June 15th, NYU’s is July 1st so I imagine they give their answer even later. I agree it is strange.

Columbia is my only choice right now. If I dont get in I will make a new plan for the spring.

haha then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. though it is odd that they give you so little notice (especially if you have to take loans to pay for the program), but I wouldn’t expect to hear from them until at least a month after application deadline. You’re premature to worry six days after the deadline closed.

Maybe they want to give a lot of people a chance to apply. I know that the application deadline for Hunter was January or something like that

Te intention of my post wasn’t to convey worry. I’m just seeking insight and reaching out to get in touch with other Columbia students.