COMLEX 1 in one week

Okay, so its my third try. I feel better physically and mentally than I have in years. And the last few months of free time to study (even if the reason was lousy) has allowed me to improve my test taking techniques a lot!
This is the first time COMLEX 1 is available in the computerized version. So, next Thursday Zane and I are going to Roanoke, VA, have a good dinner, drive the route to the test center, and then check in to the Holiday Inn express for the nite. Then Friday morning he will take me to the Thomson Prometric center and I will do the test in one day. And he’s even going to bring me back a really good lunch (a prime rib sandwich from Quiznos sounds perfect, and we don’t have Quiznos in Lewisburg!). For me the computer test is a great improvement over 2 days of written exam. By the second day I was already so tired I’m sure it effected my performance.
Anyway, this weekend I will be doing a lot more practice exams, both Kaplan Q-bank and Student Consult. It seems my ability to connect the dots is improving with every practice test I do. BUT next week I am going to concentrate on relaxing and resting. That and one final visit to my osteopathic manipulation doctor to adjust my neck and back on Thursday morning should have me in top shape for Friday.
Can’t wait 'til its over!!

Linda, you sound great and very ready for this test. I wish you all the very best and am sure that your excellent preparation, good attitude, and comfort with the new testing environment will help you do very well.

Good luck, Linda.

Sounds like you are on the ball and ready. I wish you the best for the COMLEX, you have worked hard for this. I look forward to seeing your ecstatic post in the future!!

Good Luck! The positive frame of mind will help a ton!

Good luck! You will do great!

Best of luck & success to you…R - E - L - A - X!!! I am very much looking forward to watching you waltz across the stage & see them place a hood on you here in a couple of years…assuming I am invited?

Your spirit sounds so confident and ready for this test. I will keep you in my thoughts on Friday! The computerized test sounds like it fits your test-taking skills better than the 2-day grueling ordeal. Believe in yourself! We all believe in you!

Good Luck Mary!

First off, thanks for all the good wishes. I will have them in my heart when the test begins tomorrow.

Second, while I know most of us hated having the hacker around Tuesday and Wednesday, I have to say that it helped me keep busy . . . . thus less time for pre-test jitters!

Third, in just a few hours now my husband and I will be leaving for Roanoke. We’re going to check in, drive the route to the test center a few times, as well as the route to Quiznos (so he can bring me a great sub tomorrow for lunch), and then have a quiet, relaxing dinner at Red Lobster. (It’s one of his favorite places and I always love their shrimp!). Oh, and we’ll probably stop by Mens Wearhouse so he can check out any sales they might be having. He just got a $50 reward coupon from them and can’t wait to spend it.

After that, a good night’s sleep and I am ready to go!

Thanks again for all your support, encouragement, and prayers.


Linda!!! You’re going to do GREAT! I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending you lots of positive thoughts. Go kick some major behind, girl!

It’s over!! And now all I can do is wait for the results, which should be in sometime in August.

I have to say I really LOVED the computerized test format. It had great graphics, was easy to use, and you can do the test at your own pace. I had a full 8 hours to do the exam, plus 40 minutes for a lunch break. Last year, with the written exam, that would have meant, do one section, wait for an hour to be up, then get the next section, wait again. . . . and on and on for the whole day. With the computer test, when I finished one section, I simply marked “End”, and it went to the next section. So, I ended up only using a little over 6 hours, and was done by 3 pm.

And I feel pretty good. For the first time I went into the test feeling good and came out feeling good. That, in itself, is quite an accomplishment.

Now, it’s on to the conference next week! Hopefully I’ll see a lot of you there!!


Congrats, Linda! Woohoo!!! I’m sure you did great!


Congrats Linda!

congratulations! these exams can be so beastly…it takes a lot of commitment to keep going and working!

Thanks to you all for your congratulations, but I think I’ll wait until the scores come in to feel totally excited!

Meow Mix, you’re right. It has taken a lot of determination and commitment, but the one thing I have always believed is that if something is worth having, it is worth working for. And to me, becoming a physician is priceless, so I keep on going!

Thanks again to everyone, and to those facing the COMLEX this year, best of luck!

congrats Linda!