Freak out time!!!

how the hell am I going to remember all of this stuff???

Deep breaths, Gabe. You already have it stored neatly away!

Do either of you have an opinion regarding the test prep site for Comlex? It is only idle curiousity at this point, I am still a few years away from taking any board exams…Jaysun

You can do it!

Jaysun, I never used that q-bank. My favorite was USMLE World. I figured if I could handle that I could handle anything. Kaplan also has a q-bank specific for COMLEX, and it can be helpful as well. I just liked WORLD better.

Check out all the sample tests and try to figure out which one will work best for you.

Wow! They actually have COMLEX-specific prep course now? Awesome! Q-bank was BRAND NEW when I took Step 1 - I used it & it rocked. All of the DO students used the same prep courses as the MD students. We simply adde the “Blue Book” - don’t recall the actual name - but for those who are not so invested in OMM, it is like a condensed OMM for Dummies. It is precisely the level you need to pass boards. It will NOT adeqately prepare you for in-school OMM exams…at east it did not for what we took at KCOM.

OMD - I think it’s OMTReview by Savarese. Has 4 COMLEX level exams in it. It’s cheap at The notes from the Kaplan prep course look like he wrote them. You’re correct in that it’s the level you need for the COMLEX.

Sorry if shameless plugs for products I’ve used are verboten. I’m just trying to help others…

Not a shameless plug - just good asvice for folks who have to take the COMLEX