Compare Postbac Programs - Your Advise!


I have applied and been accepted to several Postbac programs across the country, and I have a bit of a quandary: what one should I choose? I have been researching them intensely, but any further input would be so appreciated as I need to make the decision in the next month or so. Any, any information about these programs would be great!

University of Southern California

University of Pennsylvania

Agnes Scott College

Bryn Mawr

Johns Hopkins

They all seem to be competitive programs with high matriculation rates into med school. Location and tuition fees are not much of a problem, simply the calibre of the program and how well it prepares you for med school.

Thanks in advance!

Anna -

You may be better off asking this question in the post-bacc forum at . There are very few of us on here who did formal programs, so you probably won’t get much advice here. The studentdoctor community is much larger and you are more likely to find people who have also applied to the programs you mentioned.

Good luck!

And they are ready and willing to drown you in a torrent of opinions! :wink: