Complete package

What books are in the complete package? I have a VR book, bio book, OChem, Physics, and chemistry. I bought all of these seperately. Are they the same as the books in the package? Thanks,

I do believe you have the whole set. You can buy some extras, but what you have is a complete package

WOO HOOO!!! I bought the VR 101 and BIO 1001. I have heard such mixed reviews on the other 1001 books. What do you all think of the 1001 series?
I was in the middle of a practice exam, well more like almost finished with( in the last 30 questions in bio) when they shut it down for maintenance tonight …I really hope it saved what I had done.
I really am glad that You guys are doing this study group it really is great. How many chat things have you done? I wish I had seen this sooner and could have started with you all in November.