Completely New Needing Advice!

Hi everyone! I am a 25 yr old college grad. I just graduated with a BA in Political Science and thought I would go to law school but I have been thinking more and more about medicine instead. It was something that I had always wanted to do but I always thought I was too dumb in science and math to be a physician but now that I’m not in high school anymore I realize my potential and that I CAN do it, I just have to actually put in effort. I hated chemistry in high school and failed it miserably but then again I hardly tried. I have not taken a single science class in about 5 or 6 years.

My boyfriend’s sister just finished med school and is now a resident, I guess she is where my interest is stemming from. I know I could ask her all my questions but I also appreciate a wide variety of opinions and viewpoints from other people which is why I am writing this.

I know my BA is worthless for med school! But I don’t know what to do-should I get a completely new BA in Biology? Is there a certain track to follow in each undergrad school for medicine? Do I have to get my Bio BA in the same state that I want to go to med school in? I am not sure what exactly the requirements are for med school. Most websites say “Bio, physics and chem” but does this mean a degree in one of those sciences? I’m a bit confused. I will ask his sister but like I said I value other opinions as well.

I feel bad that I finally got my BA, but am now not going to use it if I really follow through with medicine, but I was never one of those lucky ones who knew what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives when they were a junior or senior in high school.


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One of the biggest misconceptions people have about going to medical school is that they have to have a science degree! WRONG!!! Medical school are looking for well-rounded people and you might actually use your political science background to your advantage when applying to med schools. There is a good number of people in my class who have no background in sciences (except from prerequisites) and they are doing great in all their medical school courses.

What you should do depends on your undergrad GPA. If it’s good and competitive (let’s say 3.50 or more) then I don’t see any reason why you should get another degree in Biology. You should be fine taking the prerequisites and making sure you’ll get good grades (preferably As). Also do some volunteering and shadowing. If, however, you didn’t do all that good as an undergrad, you might need to take few more classes than just the basic prereqs to actually show them that you’re capable of handing the curriculum in med school.

And finally, you don’t have take the prerequisites in the state in which you want to go to school. It doesn’t really matter. Private schools accept everybody regardless of place of origin. State schools accept more applicants from their states but it has to do with the residency and domicile status, not where their prerequisites come from.

Hope it helps.


When I was around 24 or 25, I had the desire to go back to school, but I wasn’t quite set on what/where/why. I didn’t want to waste time, money and energy unless I knew what I really wanted to do. I, too considered law school, except I have an English degree. I realized deep down within myself that a career in law wasn’t the right choice for me. So, I decided that I would wait things out by staying in my decent paying job until I knew what I wanted to do (and perhaps benefit from further personal growth in the mean time).

Fast forward a few years and now I am pursuing the medical field (after experiencing some life changing events that opened me up to this possibility). I used to think that you had to be near perfect, a 4.0 genius or something along those lines in order to be a doctor or get accepted to med school. Obviously from other’s experiences that is not the case.

I can totally see how and why many people end up playing it safe and feel like they are stuck or end up settling in life in their current job/career. This is why I have so much respect for those on this site who have decided to go for it regardless of age. It’s definitely an inspiration and very encouraging.

I can see how my English degree can serve as an asset, given the amount of critical thinking, analyzing and synthesizing skills I utilized.

I haven’t taken any science classes in a lonnnng time (one in college) and the rest back in high school. However, I never received anything lower than a B in science in my school years. I was more interested in chemistry and biology, not so much with physics or math. Over the years, I have opted to read a great deal of health related information in my free time because it has interested me.

My two cents: if you really have the willingness and dedication, study hard, seek out help in the areas where needed, and utilize the instructor’s office hours, you will set yourself up for success. If you haven’t made the strongest effort to fully apply yourself in the past in your science courses, do so in the pre-req’s you take.

I’m not afraid of asking questions or seeking help. And I really could care less what other people think of me when or if I do. During my undergrad years, I either sat in the front row or very close to the front because I was there to learn and truly benefit from the college instruction. I will approach the post bac pre-req’s in the same way.

I agree with the comments above. You do NOT need a BS in biology. My training is in geology (still science - well at least sort of) But my class at UNECOM included a PhD in Egyptian Art; a theater arts major with a specialty in costume Design; and an English major who had been in publishing for several years. –

I would not worry overly much about what degree you have; only that you pick up the require prerequisites. And even those can be a bit flexible if you are lucky.

I took General Biology I and II 5 years ago (received an A in both the classes and labs). I know that these classes are the foundation for future biology classes. Therefore, is it better to take these courses over or, just do an indepth review? I barely remember what was taught in those classes.


I’m in a similar situation.

I’m 26 and I just started taking my prerequisites this semester.

Taking Bio 1, Chem 1, Physics 1 and two other courses, 18 credits. Im going to transfer to a state school to pursue a B.S. in Biology.

*Does it matter if the two semesters of Physics is w/calculus?

I’m about to finish Physics I with no calculus.

I already have a B.S. in Business Administration but never took science classes.

My overall GPA needs to be raised as well. I plan on at least 2 years of full time.

Any advice for me?

I’m pretty certain that you do not need to take the engineer’s physics series. Physics without calculus satisfies the requirement at The Ohio State University here in Columbus.

I too was a business major! I have a feeling that in a few months, I’m going to understand why we got boo’d during graduation by the medical school! LOL

Hey Hugs,

Whats up? Are you taking post bacs now?

Is there anyone out there that have taken 3 upper level bio classes in a semester of post bac?

I’m not in a post bacc program. Just straight up went back to undergrad for a degree in dietetics and will take care of my prereqs for medical school since I don’t have to take any general education courses.